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Zero1 is the union of two entities working in symbiosis: Print Lab section, with a passion for printing and cutting-edge personalization of garments on one side, and Clothing division, specialized in design and production of technical apparels on the other side. Our goal has always been to deliver a quality service in creating high-end clothes for third parties, managing every single production step as well as the entire cycle.



A passionate work of stylistic interpretation goes along with the realization of your projects, in a creative partnership aimed at bringing your product idea to life. At this stage, a qualified team will co-design the product according to your visions, developing the manufacturing process in order to find the best solution.



Timely, attentive, and personalized service is at the heart of our company. The garment engineering phase is notably the moment in which it acquires value, involving many different professionals in the process. After the technical design stage, the product development process takes place, followed by modeling and prototyping.



In accordance with the objective of providing an all-round service, ZERO1 has its own internal printing and custom division, called PRINT LAB. The use of different printing and laser cutting techniques allows us to guarantee a complete high-quality service, offering creative solutions that fit your needs. Here "colour takes shape" and shapes come from your ideas developed by a qualified team.

  • Laser cutting & bond-in

    Laser cutting and bond-in are specific processing methods. The innovation of these technologies enables interventions of extraordinary precision both on fabrics and on other supports, guaranteeing high technical value according to the garment type.
  • Silk screen printing

    Silk screen printing is a customization technique that allows us to print graphics on fabrics thanks to the use of indelible inks and specific systems. In addition to the normal 6-colour printing, we can offer special print finishing effects including lamination, glitter, reflective finishes, puff inks and many others.
  • Transfer

    This printing technique allows us to transfer designs from a sheet of special paper to any type of fabric, white or coloured, through the use of a heat press machine. There are several types of heat transfer printing: flexible, reflective, flock, glittered, digital and for cotton.
  • Sublimation printing

    The sublimation printing process uses specific inks that are able to go from a solid to a gaseous state high temperatures with the aid of a paper support. In this way the transfered design becames a part of the polyester fabric without any additional layer on top; the result is not-fading and washing resistant.
  • High-definition digital printing

    High-definition digital printing guarantees high-quality printing through the use of different technologies depending on the characteristics of substrate. This technique is generally employed for small to medium quantities, obtaining photographic results without sampling limits.



Process manufacturing relies on the flow of several steps including cutting, sewing, assembling, quality control and packaging, in which the product idea is redefined and completed; at this stage our professional experts carry out a careful garment inspection before shipment. A complex process that requires expertise in order to maintain high product standards, aware that quality lies in the details.