Zero1 s.r.l. born by the merger between Serigrafia Bernardi and Modern Printing Company.
The primary aim was to offer a 360 degree service: research, development, print and production; from the project to the packaging, all in one place.
We spend time in working hardly, in looking at the needs of the customers, in looking for best results.

The complex building is 4200 mtq, split in 2 floors. Each of them is dedicated to one division of the company: Print lab and Clothing division.

Clothing division consists of: clothing prototype, with more then 40 sewing machines able to meet all the demands of the clients, clothing development with the design/studio of dress patterns and the style lab for the research and the consultancy.


Zero1 s.r.l. headquarter is in the north east Italy, around 55 km from Venice.

Via del lavoro, 15
31039 Riese Pio, X
(Treviso) - Italy

Via del lavoro, 15 - 31039 Riese Pio X
Treviso - Italy

Tel: +39 0423 456643
Tel: + 39 0423 755853

E-mail: info@zero1.srl

2017 Zero1 s.r.l. Copyright reserved. Partita Iva: 04832790267

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